We understand the key security challenges faced by organisations using Oracle E-Business Suite include:


  • Oracle has more than 10,000 options that can be set, but Oracle provides limited guidance on which of these enforce good practice security
  • Security policies are inconsistently applied in EBS – some controls are set system-wide, some can be overridden for individual users and some have to be set on a user-by-user basis
  • Oracle EBS is insecure by default and has a number of security loopholes that give unexpected user privileges
  • Oracle EBS has very limited security reporting by default. There is nothing to even answer basic security questions such as ‘who are my systems administrators?’


This is why we offer on site consulting services to help you design and implement best practice security controls into both Oracle and its supporting processes, along with our unique and bespoke Access Analytics service

Systems Risk Services Access Analytics Service Features


  • Each report includes a section to explain the finding, its business risk and suggested recommendations
  • Analysis highlights both system-wide settings and whether this has been overridden for individual accounts
  • Reports highlight any default loopholes such as the Processes tab and Subledger Journal Entry
  • Systems administrators, generic users, password settings, inactive user accounts and use of default responsibilities are also highlighted

Systems Risk Services Access Analytics Service Benefits


  • Summarised exceptions allow organisations to focus on unknown, unexpected or higher risk findings for users or security settings
  • Confirms whether known security issues have been addressed
  • Identifies ‘backdoors’ that individuals have created to gain administrator privileges