Oracle E-Business Suite to be supported until 2030!

Oracle E-Business Suite to be supported until 2030!

Oracle announced this week that they would continue to provide full Premier Support for the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) until 2030.


Cliff Godwin, Oracle SVP, EBS Product Development announced the EBS roadmap showing there will be a new major version beyond the current 12.2 and this new version will be supported until at least 2030.


Matt Luscombe, CEO Systems Risk Services said “We believe that this has a major benefit for Oracle EBS customers. Whilst many of our clients are considering Oracle ERP Cloud, many others see their Oracle EBS system as stable and meeting the majority of their business requirements. Therefore the business case for the implementation costs and subscription fees for a move to Oracle ERP Cloud can be difficult to justify.


“By extending support for at least 13 years from now, this gives customers plenty of certainty that they’re not being rushed to exit their existing investment and the organisations can make future upgrades or transitions in a controlled, secure and timely manner. Our recommendation remains that customers using Oracle EBS should seek to confirm that their information security, access controls and business process controls enforce good practice control to reduce fraud, error and rework. As our analysis shows, more than two-thirds of the most common security and controls challenges for organisations using Oracle EBS would also apply if the organisation was running Oracle ERP Cloud.”


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Further details on Oracle’s announcement can be viewed here.